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1. Promotion at the end of the year will be based on attendance, continuous assessment in every subject, work done during the year and the overall conduct record.

2. The periodic assessments held during the year are notified in the school calendar. Parents are requested not to send their sick wards to school only to write a test.

3. Continuous assessments are meant to ensure regularity on the part of the student. Unit tests and class tests are important part of the continuous assessment for the progress of the student. The answer scripts of these tests are shown to the students and guardians. A student is expected to enter his/her marks in the relevant columns of Achievement Record in his/her school calendar.

4. For students who are absent for any Assessment / Unit Test / Class Test, no provision can be made for supplementary tests. Students of ISC are allowed to use calculators in class as well as during the examinations.

5. Internal assessments & Projects for Classes IX to XII is done only on the days scheduled. No exceptions can be made in this regard. Defaulters may be awarded zero in that particular subject.

6. Failure to appear to any assessment can seriously affect a student's academic progress and promotion. However no student must come to school only to do a test and go back home after the test. He/ she must attend the full day class.

7. Examinees are not expected to indulge in any of the following acts;

   (a) Breach of any of the regulation of conduct at examination or indiscipline in or outside the examination room, the use of unfair means, even if discovered subsequently, will merit in the cancellation of the particular paper and the student concerned will be awarded a zero.

   (b) Students who are detected giving or obtaining, or attempting to give or obtain, unfair assistance will be debarred from the examination.

   (c) A student is not expected to have in his / her possession any book, pocket book, notes, or paper whatsoever during the examination. Possession of any of the above may result in suspension and in the event of a serious nature — to be judged by the Principal — may result in dismissal from school. A student who has recourse to pre-meditated cheating will be given TC at the end of the school year.

8. There is no arrangement for "re-examination" or "promotion on trail". No sick child must be sent to school.

9. A student who fails to secure promotion may be asked to leave the school. A pupil failing in his / her class at the end of the year does not remain on the rolls unless the parents / guardians notify the Principal in advance that they wish their ward to continue his/her studies in the school.

10. After Half Yearly Exam Progress report will be shown and the parents will sign it and return and after the Annual Exam it will be given to the parents.

11. The Progress reports must be collected by the Parents on the stipulated day. Defaulters may be penalized through fine.

12. In all questions of promotion or failure the Principal's decision is final.

13. Promotion is based on the whole year's performance.

14. Normally a student should pass in all subjects. He/ She may be considered for promotion even if he/she fail in one of the subjects other than Moral Science, English and SUPW/ Community Service.